marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Ceapa masii

If you're ever asked what do you see yourself doing in ten years, and if you believe in long term commitments, just say this, but really sell it:

All of a sudden you start to search for the right girl, you find girls, but they are not the one. And then you find her, mind numbingly beautiful, incredibly smart, with a smile that could light up an entire ball room, funny as hell, your friends love her, your family adores her. Everything's perfect, you feel your in heaven, everything looks, tastes and feels better, the sun's always shining and birds are singing everywhere, it's like walking on air.

After a few years you propose to her in the most romantic place ever...candle lights, rose petals, fine wine and Barry White, dancing on the beach shore under the stars light. She's blown away and says YES!!!! from all of her heart.

Than you have the most fairytale wedding ever..cake, incredible food, fine drinks, all of your friends and your entire family is their. She's wearing the perfect dress, having the perfect hair and looking stunningly beautiful, even you look better besides her.

Than you buy a small house in the suburbs, white picked fence and a beautiful lawn in the front, the loveliest garden in the back with a swimming pool, two cars garage, and the most perfect barbeque place where you can invite all of your friends on Friday nights.

After a couple of years you have a little kid, Mihai or Mihaela, doesn't matter to you if it's a boy or a girl, ur just gonna call it Mihaitza anyways.

Every weekend you take him/her out in the park, or going on a trip across the country, teach him to walk or just sit at home and play him just the best music ever.

And you wait until he/her is old enough to talk and start asking all those stupid questions like: Why is the McDonald sign yellow, or the sky blue, why is potato called potato and not apple, why do horses have legs and how come you can't see the moon during the day.

Than one night you take an onion cut it up into little pieces and put it underneath his pillow while he sleeps. And you sit next to his bed until he wakes up crying. And you ask him:

-What's wrong little one? Why are you crying? tell daddy...

See what the hell he says then!!! See if asks any more dumb questions.

Is that long time commitment or what?

I would think yes.

3 comentarii:

Alexandra Florentina spunea...

=))) saraacu copil :))... Acu zi: cine-i nenorocitu??? >:) :D

GxG spunea...

Pai...tu, ca razi de sarmanul copil.

Alexandra Florentina spunea...

IPOCRITULEEEE !!! Nu radeam de copil :D... ci de modul in care ai povestit ;)... desi e cute cum plange el in poza ;))